Derrick Stroebel

Derrick is currently our Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer. One of the cool things about Derrick is that he started off as a Logistics Coordinator and has grown with the company to reach his position today. As the VP, Derrick does a little bit of everything. With his background in Accounting and a knowledge of the legal aspects of the business, he brings many skills that are valuable to all of our team members. You can gaurantee that if someone has an important question, Derrick will know the answer. Not only is he always busy, but he will always take the time to help those who ask while keeping a smile on his face.

Derrick's favourite part about working at Rome is that you can take your career in any direction you choose. As long as your motives are in-line with the company and you have the drive to achieve your goals, you'll fit in perfectly. Not only is this good for him and our long-term staff, but it is so important for newcomers to the company as well. The people who make it the farthest in the company realize what Derrick realizes - that hard work and motivation pays off. The more you put into the company, the more results you willl recieve in turn.