Melissa Schaefer

Melissa is our Human Resources Manager. She started with the company in 2010 as a Junior Recruiter, and as the company has grown, her position has as well. She manages the entire Human Resources function at Rome, keeping our employees happy and flourishing in their environment. From performance reviews to engaging events, keeping employee morale and engagement high are two of the main aspects of Melissa's job.

When asked what she loves about working at Rome, Melissa instantly knew her answer - the people. Our staff are hard-working, supportive, and motivated which has created a corporate culture built on encouragement and respect for one another. In her words, "There is no better feeling than seeing someone with minimal experience thrive in the workplace and create an amazing career for themselves here." With a unique open-door policy, there is unlimited support from the management team that Melissa is a part of. Currently, she is going to school for Management and has full support from Rome. This just demonstrates that if you invest in the company, the company will invest back into you.