Bohdan Koshil

Bohdan is an Account Executive that has been with Rome for seven years now. Originally from sales, Bohdan is now an Account Executive, a Team Lead, and an Office Manager in our Pickering office. Many of his daily activities include coaching and supporting his team members, managing his business and customer networks, and developing new business opportunities with potential customers. These tasks have allowed Bohdan to gain some great skills and enhance his business with Rome for the past seven years. He is respected by his team, and respected by upper management for all of his amazing efforts so far.

It was great talking to Bohdan because we got a perspective that came from someone who has moved up in the Sales Department, as well as his management side. He said that his favourite thing about Rome is the working environment. Having the ability to build a business and a team around that business with little oversight from management is perfect for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit. Basically, you have all the resources needed to succeed and flourish in this business setting.