2. Complete the Necessary Paperwork

As mentioned in the last step, the first piece of paperwork that needs completing is the Bill of Lading. This is the contract between you and the carrier. It is important that the Bill of Lading is completed correctly and has an accurate description of what is being shipped.


If there are any special considerations for the shipment, they should be specified here. This form is signed at pick-up and delivery in order to communicate any discrepancies or damages that have occurred. Your signature states that you agree with what is on the paperwork, therefore it's crucial all things are marked on the Bill of Lading.

If the shipment is going cross-border, you will need to complete separate customs paperwork including a commercial invoice and certificate of origin. It is important that this paperwork is completed correctly and will require a customs broker to ensure that the paperwork is correct. They will then forward the paperwork to the relevant border crossing to ensure the freight will clear the border.


You can discuss customs with your Rome representative, and they will get you in contact with a customs broker.