Shipping Documents

We know how much work it is to constantly be filling out paperwork. We have prepared the most common shipping documents here for you to fill out and print off at your own convenience. Click on the document needed to open a copy.

Bill Of Lading

Used to declare where the shipment is picking up from and where it is shipping to. This document is necessary for the receivers to sign proving the goods have been delivered in good condition.

Packing List

This document is meant to outline an itemized list of the goods included in the shipment in detail.

Customs Invoice

Required for any shipment crossing any North American border. It must specify the price paid for the goods along with tarriff details.

North American Free Trade Certificate of Origin

This document is meant to certify that the goods qualify for NAFTA's preferential tarriff treatment in an effort to reduce duties.

Authoritative Documents

For your reference and convenience, we have made certain documents available to you here. Please click on the below links to open.

USDOT Broker License

Standard Terms and Conditions of Service